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█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║█│██ BB: 28F70505 PS3 Network ID: jaboorz Empire of JaboorZ Capital: JamboorA Climate: Very Very Very HOT Primary Religion: Jaboorizm Currency: J-bonez The Empire of JaboorZ is governed by Prince Jaber. Any citizen who owns land may participate in this country's electoral process. The people of JaboorZ are so technologically advanced that each citizen does not physically go to work, but simply thinks of his/her office space and it materializes in whatever physical space they currently occupy. Health care is available to each citizen by right of birth and all health care officials are paid incentives for keeping citizens healthy. Crime is non-existent due to the constant vigilance of a well organized policing force which exclusively uses capital punishment against all violators of the law. This country is very well protected by a military force of highly specialized individuals working through a highly bureaucratic system. Religious practice and public observances are allowed, but no policies may be created to advance any given expression of religious thought. All citizens of this country take a mandatory standardized test to evaluate their intelligence, and all those who do not score well enough are deported to other countries. Growing concerns of the environment have triggered this government to begin the process of putting together an advisory board on environmental affairs. The work day has been extended to 24 hours, given that sleep is a commodity which only the wealthy can afford, and citizens of JaboorZ enjoy any freedom they deem appropriate, given it does not infringe upon the freedoms of any other citizen or offend any other citizen in practice.

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