Burn baby burn!! 

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Peaario Silao ( aulelei1314 ) aulelei1314 : U guys r too cute...
1 year ago

Daphne <3 ( Daphne99 ) Daphne99 : Still love this video because it's so funny, sweet and it was almost the 1st time i heard Tristan talk :) you look beautiful! 1 year ago

Goodness Destiny ( GoodnessDestiny ) GoodnessDestiny : Awww. Lol. Too Cute. <3 1 year ago

Giovana Todescan ( gitodescan ) gitodescan : 500th liikkeee ❤ and aawww u guys are like SOOI cuute 2getherrrr 1 year ago

biggest Bellarina bt Bellarina/bella love ( vlera009 ) vlera009 : you are sooo cute 1 year ago

T Swag❤ ( Zendayahead0901 ) Zendayahead0901 : Lol BABE THATS NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING !..... Oh ok ok 1 year ago

Tay wish It Was Mahone ( TayAlwaysAMahomie ) TayAlwaysAMahomie : Lol when he blows on the marshmallow u sound so serious your like "ok ok" 1 year ago

Broocke M ( buterflychild ) buterflychild : I know u prob won't read this but me and you act the same which I love and both our bf have blond hair 1 year ago

Zswagger+ Bellarina4Ever <3 ( BellaZendayaZella ) BellaZendayaZella : (Call Me Maybe my version) Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I just love you, so watch me maybe?
1 year ago

Zswagger+ Bellarina4Ever <3 ( BellaZendayaZella ) BellaZendayaZella : Awww! Beautiful moment with you and Tristian!!! Happy couple!!!!! Watch me! Lylas (live you like a sister) luv it site!! 2 years ago

Shiara Thorne ( ibellarinas ) ibellarinas : @stylesthorne pme too 2 years ago

Bella Thorne ( jessiesennetlovesyou ) jessiesennetlovesyou : You are an adorable couple! I hope I have someone like that in my future! X 2 years ago

Styles Thorne ( stylesthorne ) stylesthorne : :O the first time I hear Tristan talk 2 years ago

Bellarina Forever <333 ( bellathornefan14 ) bellathornefan14 : Hahaha! You're sooooo funny! Wish I could meet you and Zendaya! BTW: You and Tristan are really cute together!!<333 2 years ago

Zswagger Ballarina  ( allysamadill ) allysamadill : Lol ur like BABE IT NOT GONNA DO ANY THING" the he blows on it and ur like -_- um... OH! Lol I love u Bella <3 2 years ago

Zswagger Ballarina  ( allysamadill ) allysamadill : Ur such a cute couple! Ur like OMG my marshmallow is on fire IT'S gonna start a fire but Bella u just have to blow on it 2 years ago

Khalil Zayani ( zayani ) zayani : besthottestwallpapers.blogspot.com 2 years ago

Happy  Birthday Bella!  ( happybirthdaybella ) happybirthdaybella : Awe you guys :3 <3 2 years ago

Melinda Markova ( mel4oo143 ) mel4oo143 : Bristan Forever and ever <33
2 years ago

Bella Styles ( ItzBella ) ItzBella : You r so pretty! U make me feel happy like always 2 years ago

bellathorne Posted 2 years ago

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