It's the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first record release today. Wow! Makes me feel old. 

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jobe sweet ( sweet2012 ) sweet2012 : Hello
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Christina S Sørensen ( soerensen ) soerensen : I grew up with Beatles, my dad used to dance with me on his arms to this one! 1 year ago

Charles Wood ( Chazz ) Chazz : @xchatax “So pleeeaase, love me too!" Lol. <3 1 year ago

Chata Gómez ( xchatax ) xchatax : you knowwww i love you!!!!!! :) 1 year ago

Dan SUPER ( TheSuperdan ) TheSuperdan 1 year ago

S K I P N A V A ( Skipnava ) Skipnava : Wow! It's hard to believe...50th. Legendary Band. Thanks for sharing @Chazz 1 year ago

Sam Weller ( samweller ) samweller : Oh yes. Me too 1 year ago

Dan SUPER ( TheSuperdan ) TheSuperdan : That's true Charles. I listened this night a tribute for this event. Beatles will stay in memory like Mozart & Bethoven 1 year ago

Chazz Posted 1 year ago

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