A little video right before the Psych panel entrance. Thx 4 the love Psych'os! #PsychSDCC  

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Malak Yosef ( NoMore9to5 ) NoMore9to5 : Official 1 year ago

Adam Lee ( steelerman925 ) steelerman925 : also saw the panel and loved it. the only thing that could have made it better is if i was there. but to bad is was all the way in San Diego.
2 years ago

Heather Supernova ( heatherweaver ) heatherweaver : That is amazing! Thanks for sharing the moment! 2 years ago

Allison K. ( ShawnSpencer21 ) ShawnSpencer21 : I really wish I could have gone. I love Psych! I would do anything to meet you @DuleHill 2 years ago

Eisha Khan ( eishakhan ) eishakhan : Saw your panel and LOVED IT! Thanks for making these little videos for us, they mean a lot. :) 2 years ago

Sam Weller ( samweller ) samweller : Great!!! 2 years ago

Madi Pie ( madimomma99 ) madimomma99 : It's like your own super bowl! :) thanks for sharing. That crowd was wild. 2 years ago

Karen Agena ( Keikogirl ) Keikogirl : Wow! It's almost like I was there with you! Thanks! 2 years ago

DuleHill Posted 2 years ago

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