On which platforms is mobli available?

Mobli is available on iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows Phone 8, and the web

Where can I get mobli?

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8

Is mobli localized?

Sure is!

iPhone - French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian

Android - French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

More languages coming soon...

What is a verified mobli account?

A verified account is one that displays a green check mark on a user's account.

Why do we have verified accounts on mobli?

By verifying a mobli account, we're authenticating the identities of key brands and users on mobli.

What kinds of accounts get verified on mobli?

We verify accounts of high profile users and brands in order to help our users find them on mobli with ease. We are constantly updating our requirements for verification and won't be able to reply to all requests. If you think you may fit our requirements, please email us at contact@mobli.com

How can I broadcast live?

Click on the mobli camera icon -> Scroll to LIVE -> Shoot or pick a cover image -> Type the title (including hashtags and location) and invite followers to watch -> GO LIVE -> Start broadcasting after 5 seconds (unlimited duration).

Who can see my live broadcast?

Those who follow you or subscribe to you or find your broadcast through other feeds such as a hashtag (for example, #live), location, popular or repost from a user they are following. If they subscribe, they’ll get a notification before the live feed begins. You, as the broadcaster, also have an option to send a notification to 5 of your followers.

How can I get more feedback to my live broadcast?

Make it interesting, tag the right way; promote your live broadcast on mobli and other social media platforms.

What happens if a call comes in during a live broadcast?

It stops your live broadcast. In order to avoid this, switch your device to airplane mode but with WiFi on (Don’t forget to turn off the airplane mode after…).

After broadcasting live, is it shown on my mobli profile?

No, it’s not saved as a standard video. People can only watch it live. Once the broadcast ends, the cover image you chose at the start of the live broadcast process will remain with a special icon and the feedback you received.

How can I respond to comments during a live broadcast?

If you are the broadcaster, you can respond verbally during the actual live broadcast but can’t type back a comment. As a viewer, you can comment like any standard mobli post.

Why am I having technical difficulties with the live broadcast?

  • The live feature only works on smartphone devices with operating systems iOS 6 and higher or Android 4 and higher. It’s not available on the website.
  • Make sure your connection is good enough; Wi Fi network is always recommended. As a broadcaster, you’ll need a high upload rate and as a viewer, a high download rate.
  • If there are sound difficulties, check your device microphone settings.
  • As a viewer, try re-entering the live broadcast.

Got an invitation but can’t seem to find the broadcast.

It could be because by the time you clicked and entered, the live broadcast already ended. As a broadcaster, it’s recommended to allow some time for viewers to join before ‘really’ starting.

What social networks does mobli integrate with?

Mobli seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, VKontakte, and OdnoKlassniki. You can share any mobli content (post, user, channel, city, etc.) to all of the networks listed above. Registration and logging in are available for all except Tumblr.

Can I share something with another mobli user within mobli?

Of course! When sharing content within mobli, you can select "Followers" in the "Share" tab. This will share the content internally to other mobli users who are following you.

Does mobli have a privacy feature?

Yes. You can make your profile private at any time. Doing so will enable only your followers to consume and provide feedback on your content. Any user wishing to follow you will have to be approved by you.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, technical problems, or support issues, please email us at support@mobli.com

Can I delete my account?

Yes. You can delete your account here.

Please keep in mind: deleting your account is permanent! All your data will be deleted and your profile will not be recoverable.