Airplane beer bong! @ Puerto Vallarta 

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Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : HUGO!!! This is so hilarious! I can't believe you fooled them! :);):););) 2 years ago

Omri Maman ( omri ) omri : Very crazy, very cool 2 years ago

Hugo Silva ( hugojsilva ) hugojsilva : NO they didnt. That was the problem, they knew i was going to do it so they were watching me but I fool them, hahaha 2 years ago

Aundria   ( CurlySue ) CurlySue : Hahaha that's awesome! Did they ever notice you did that? 2 years ago

Christina S Sørensen ( soerensen ) soerensen : Rofl!!! I'll have to try that next time I'm flying Lol 2 years ago

Dino Decespedes ( dinardo ) dinardo : This is the best thing ever posted on mobli 2 years ago

Loulou B ( louloulove8 ) louloulove8 : Crazy! 2 years ago

Neal  Ostrov ( SaulGoodson ) SaulGoodson : Very impressive 2 years ago

Barbara Valdez ( barbaravaldez ) barbaravaldez : Don't worry! I'm taking care of Maya... Hahahaha 2 years ago

hugojsilva Posted 2 years ago

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