Expressions Of Derrick Rose  

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Alicia Rhoden ( lishagrl ) lishagrl : He smiled in the Adidas commercial . @msspitman 2 years ago

kev som ( 0331ks ) 0331ks : @desus401 hey homie since when is boston a part of rhode island? And which team did the greatest basketball player of all time play for bro.... Get educated! 2 years ago

Kourtney pittman ( mrspittman850 ) mrspittman850 : I love it never can say I seen the man smile 2 years ago

Luke Stuart ( lstuart15 ) lstuart15 : @desus401 shut ur mouth the Bulls are developing a legacy and the Celtics are beginning a drought 2 years ago

I Am ( ChiTownTruth ) ChiTownTruth : Chi town all day! D Rose 2 years ago

Jeffrey M ( Jeffmac08 ) Jeffmac08 : @desus401 who said anything about chitown? I'm a ride or die Portland fan. And wait till next year cuz.. Portland>boston 2 years ago

Queen B ( NikkieAllen ) NikkieAllen : Sad but true 2 years ago

jane harvey ( JaneHarvey ) JaneHarvey : they all the same faces ? 2 years ago

derrick cabral ( desus401 ) desus401 : Jeffmac08 Chicago sucks!!! When was the last time a Chicago team won anything? Lets see 2005!! Thats it! Ur city and their teams are JOKES!! Boston is Championship City!! 7 championships since 2001. From every major league team too. The bulls havent done 2 years ago

Teresa M ( Sprinklez ) Sprinklez : Luv him... 2 years ago

CJ Williams ( CJsFLICKSTER ) CJsFLICKSTER : Bwhahaha 2 years ago

Sharon D ( minamishar ) minamishar : Lol 2 years ago

Jeffrey M ( Jeffmac08 ) Jeffmac08 : @desus401 history is an argument used by ppl whose teams USED to be good. Boston is washed up. 2 years ago

Darryl   BAKER  ( trifegang ) trifegang : Llama so try
2 years ago

Yaron Talpaz ( ytalpaz ) ytalpaz : Derrick Rose blew 4 critical free throws this season - against Knicks and Miami. Will that change during the playoffs? (we know's his facial expressions won't) 2 years ago

derrick cabral ( desus401 ) desus401 : hahaha!! BULLS SUCK!!! GO CELTICS!!! Who else has 17 championships and can brag about it? 2 years ago

Dino Decespedes ( dinardo ) dinardo : lollll 2 years ago

SHA1991 urinthepresence  ( shybree ) shybree : Ctfu 2 years ago

Miss J B ( chitownfinest ) chitownfinest : Lol ... Leave my boy alone 2 years ago

identityink Posted 2 years ago

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