Beis yakkov girls took a naked pic, the pic leaked and they were all kicked out of school  

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david R ( rrddrr ) rrddrr : @menachemmendel ur chasidish Jew, so what hell do have on here? Chasidish not allowed to be on here nor have internet. 1 year ago

david R ( rrddrr ) rrddrr : These girls look hot, like their boobs each and everyone of then. 1 year ago

Menachem Mendel ( menachemmendel ) menachemmendel : Beis Yacov girls also made a nice video, similar to this picture, but better, 1 year ago

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Lance Cane ( cane2 ) cane2 : No reason to get kicked out of school for this!!!!!! 2 years ago

Adam Leff ( leff8 ) leff8 : I really like their beautiful picture.
2 years ago

dude fed ( dudefed ) dudefed : pls tell me 1 reason why i shud beleive this pic is true?! 2 years ago

david R ( rrddrr ) rrddrr : I agree with "raq79" absolutely right. 2 years ago

Samantha Shapiro ( samanthashapiro ) samanthashapiro : Wtf am i looking at. Ew 2 years ago

Tzvi Holczler ( holczler ) holczler : wow nice and hot girls , who is ready for me 2 years ago

Ezra Franken ( ezrafranken ) ezrafranken : Of Course -this may be a Hoax. Did not see this in Mishpacha at all 2 years ago

Ezra Franken ( ezrafranken ) ezrafranken : notice the exposed elbows.... 2 years ago

Rikka Gopal ( rikka ) rikka : nice beautiful girls....thalmidiot tobviot 2 years ago

Julian Peretz ( julianperetz ) julianperetz : wow... i want one a does 4 a shiduch... lol! 2 years ago

Zalmy Lachs ( zalmylachs ) zalmylachs : i dont know if its true but if it is then i think its really funny but maybe now rabbis can see how bad it is out there and get there heads out there own bums ans try help the younger kids.
Its only going to get worse over the years and these girls are ju 2 years ago

Shimshon Oppenheimer ( shimshonoppenheimer ) shimshonoppenheimer : this is the sad reality of beis yaakov... in the normal world this would be called NORMAL couple of girls having a sleepover pillow fight thing you see in the movies 2 years ago

Shimshon Oppenheimer ( shimshonoppenheimer ) shimshonoppenheimer : did they stuff? or are they real? 2 years ago

Josh Horowitz ( joshhorowitz ) joshhorowitz : What did the take this with? A potato? 2 years ago

Joe Wolf ( 1344792887 ) 1344792887 : Yeah, but the good news is that every one of them got a marriage proposal within four hours! 2 years ago

Mahtab Rahnama ( rahnama ) rahnama : go girls..... 2 years ago

jewunit Posted 2 years ago

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How do u guys like me bold???

How do u guys like me bold???

The whole picture!