Just got my beast back from the car show.  

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Karla Martin-Ciarolla ( karlamartinciarolla ) karlamartinciarolla : 'Hoopdee' 6 months ago

Cherice Lynn ( ChericeLynn02 ) ChericeLynn02 : Sweeeet!!!! 1 year ago

Francine Wise ( francinewise ) francinewise : Thanks for sharing your photos But this car ( your Beast) is in a class all by it self. Love it!!! 1 year ago

Marjorie Jeff ( marjoriejeff ) marjoriejeff : Nice car:) 1 year ago

Jovanna holmes ( Mrsjdoindamost ) Mrsjdoindamost : Woow cool ride 1 year ago

Justin Jarman ( JustinJarman ) JustinJarman : That is badass! 1 year ago

Jose Sanchez ( jluiss88 ) jluiss88 : Very sexy 1 year ago

Kaela Humphries ( kaelahumphries ) kaelahumphries : Niiiiice! 1 year ago

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KrisHumphries Posted 1 year ago

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Had an amazing time at Boston children's hospital yesterday. These kids are so inspiring!

Had a great time with my boy @jketroser at bone thugs last night. One of the best rap groups of all time. Thanks again @stevelobel!!!

me and one of my favorite rap groups of all time bone thugs manager @stevelobel can't wait for the concert tonight.