Descending Triangle Pass. Almost 13,000 ft 

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Mil Sam ( mildredsam ) mildredsam : How long it was??? 11 months ago

Mary Brooks ( marybrooks99 ) marybrooks99 : =================================================

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1 year ago

william  menezes ( will0627 ) will0627 : nice!!! 1 year ago

Saundra Sangiuliano ( sangiuliano ) sangiuliano : Incredible, that's 1 heck of a run!! 1 year ago

Renee Gamache ( gamache ) gamache : Wow 1 year ago

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lancearmstrong Posted 1 year ago

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Fun ride today with @wienr and the crew from @LTRaceSeries. Dave crushed me on our way up Columbine. Thx to Josh and crew as well.

Great day with the kids @wearewapiyapi. @annahansen and I are proud to support this great organization!

Hard to beat summertime rides in the Rockies.