Congrats to Team Livestrong for finishing 4th in the Molokai Hoe race - top Hawaiian team! See y'all in two weeks.  

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zjin lin ( zjone112 ) zjone112 :
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jana Sylvester  ( jsly159 ) jsly159 : Awesome! 1 year ago

Olivier Geurden ( geurden ) geurden : what ever they say about this great man ....i dont care.he still is one of the best cyclists . Go Lance ,go!! 1 year ago

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1 year ago

James Tatler ( tatler ) tatler : Has Lance helped to get your team in shape? 2 years ago

lancearmstrong Posted 2 years ago

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Fun ride today with @wienr and the crew from @LTRaceSeries. Dave crushed me on our way up Columbine. Thx to Josh and crew as well.

Great day with the kids @wearewapiyapi. @annahansen and I are proud to support this great organization!

Hard to beat summertime rides in the Rockies.