Video check in from the Big Island 

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Jameel Jassim ( jameeljassim ) jameeljassim : Really I missed him
And my Bahrain Cycling national team.
Good safe your self . 2 years ago

Jameel Jassim ( jameeljassim ) jameeljassim : Thank a lot
Being tour de France we are enjoyed. I was meet him in Barcelona 1992 , Olympic game.
You are champing . 2 years ago

Christopher Long ( christopherlong ) christopherlong : Lance Armstrong does not know how they do it....? Interesting. 2 years ago

Kasha Williamson ( kasha ) kasha : that wind IS mean. 2 years ago

Shaderock Louis ( RockFromUptop ) RockFromUptop : Lance! Great roll-.There's a gentleman who rides the low reclined bikes (tall fellow)& some of us yell to him"lance"b2wr 2 years ago

Kent Dorsey ( kentdorsey ) kentdorsey 2 years ago

Angela Harrelson ( BellaMorte13 ) BellaMorte13 : Cool, wish I was there =D 2 years ago

Hally Beans ( hallyissexy ) hallyissexy : Wow
2 years ago

Lukas  Haas ( lukashaas ) lukashaas : Awesome 2 years ago

Hadar Iluz Hogeg ( hadariluz ) hadariluz : Fffgfg 2 years ago

Maya S ( mayas ) mayas : Wow! Live it!! 2 years ago

Dana Dinerman ( Birdrocklady ) Birdrocklady : Thanks for being an inspiration...getting thru my treatments which are hell, but thanks to your fight I will be putting my running shoes back on this summer!!! Thank you!!! Keep inspiring!!! 2 years ago

Shirley Tomlin ( shirleytomlin ) shirleytomlin : cool video, wish I were in hawaii now 2 years ago

Kerri Reed ( kerriamber ) kerriamber : Wow, this is the coolest video I've ever seen. 2 years ago

Yaron Talpaz ( ytalpaz ) ytalpaz : We gotta see you running in that wind! 2 years ago

Hadar Iluz Hogeg ( hadariluz ) hadariluz : Hey!! 2 years ago

lancearmstrong Posted 2 years ago

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Fun ride today with @wienr and the crew from @LTRaceSeries. Dave crushed me on our way up Columbine. Thx to Josh and crew as well.

Great day with the kids @wearewapiyapi. @annahansen and I are proud to support this great organization!

Hard to beat summertime rides in the Rockies.