Django Unchained Trailer 

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Hannah Jackson ( hannahJ1996 ) hannahJ1996 : Leo, please follow me on twitter I've been trying for months I'm about to give up....



(I'm going to post this on all of your photos) 10 months ago

lisa runnels ( amhurst ) amhurst : LAST------ INTERNATIONAL TRAILER ------IS THE BEST 1 year ago

pmw fotos ( pmwfotos ) pmwfotos 1 year ago

Zara Zara ( Taylorcccc ) Taylorcccc : Leo we need your help to save elephants, leopards and please help them have very little 2 years ago

Brunette Girl ( Tannya1979 ) Tannya1979 : Can't wait to see this movie!! :D 2 years ago

Michelle Leverenz ( shellyleverenz ) shellyleverenz : Awesome! 2 years ago

Sheila Blaje  ( sblaje ) sblaje : Very good trailer can't wait to see the movie..looks like a great cast.. 2 years ago

Billie Ann Hamm ( annhamm79 ) annhamm79 : thanks for the tip Leo looks like a good time 2 years ago

ahmet  arslan ( comicahmet ) comicahmet : nice film as always because of u man, u r tha best!:D 2 years ago

Martina Daneva ( daneva ) daneva : without you and I this world should revolve 2 years ago

Natalia Amorim ( Nathalia ) Nathalia : Good luck on the set. We are waiting. 2 years ago

Amanda Baker ( AmandaBaker ) AmandaBaker : It's going to be double feature day at christmas this year, and i was hoping ot be at disneyland that day... I guess leo movies are better. 2 years ago

Elena Zh ( elza73 ) elza73 : I don't like this kind of movies, sorry! (only don't pelt me with tomatoes, guys ;-P) But Calvin Candie is creepy charming, therefore I will see it maybe :-))) 2 years ago

Alex Smith ( crazyman123 ) crazyman123 : I loved the preview 2 years ago

pmw fotos ( pmwfotos ) pmwfotos : Hot stuff I can't wait 2 years ago

Subir Devaiah ( subsy82 ) subsy82 : Hey Leo have u played Red Dead Redemption ? I think Django unchained should also have a video game :) 2 years ago

Michael Rapadas ( themrap ) themrap : Yo 2 years ago

Amanda Baker ( AmandaBaker ) AmandaBaker : Very impressed seeing this before Promethus. It looks good on the bigger screen. 2 years ago

Juliana Diniz ( Juliana ) Juliana : I liked Leonardo. 2 years ago

Ayslinn Ashbury ( aashbury ) aashbury : Fantastic! 2 years ago

Leonardo Posted 2 years ago

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