Just finished watching ESPN film's "Roll Tide/War Eagle" and it brought back memories of this...  

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Kawsar Hussain ( KAY1205 ) KAY1205 : @LindsayMcCormick I WISH I WAS IN YOUR SHOES❤⚽ 1 year ago

B B ( bsb614 ) bsb614 : Awesome! So jealous! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Please reply it'd be so cool! 2 years ago

Lindsay McCormick ( LindsayMcCormick ) LindsayMcCormick : @sharkbait I am extremely blessed to wake up and get to do something I'm passionate about every day. :) 2 years ago

Jonathan David ( JonathanDavid ) JonathanDavid : Now that's a good memory. 2 years ago

Einat Eyal ( Einat ) Einat : Very cool and exciting! 2 years ago

Dj 7amoood ( dj7amoood ) dj7amoood : Hi baby 2 years ago

Tatiana Pruzansky ( Tatiana ) Tatiana : Wow that's cool 2 years ago

ariella eschen ( sharkbait ) sharkbait : that's really cool! seems like you got a really cool job!!! :) 2 years ago

Kerri Reed ( kerriamber ) kerriamber : Wow! Awesome. 2 years ago

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LindsayMcCormick Posted 2 years ago

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