What's this in my hand? 

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Louis Trapani ( LouisTrapani ) LouisTrapani : Just my luck. I may have to return it. I'm having a horrible time using it over my wi-fi 2 years ago

Christina S Sørensen ( soerensen ) soerensen : Yay! 2 years ago

Louis Trapani ( LouisTrapani ) LouisTrapani : Thanks everyone. It's still syncing all my data to it (11,000 photos and that's not all of them). I can't wait to play … 2 years ago

Steven Moore  ( roccoinklover ) roccoinklover : iPhone 5 ? You go man 2 years ago

Maya S ( mayas ) mayas : Wow enjoy!! Jealous! 2 years ago

Sarah Farrell ( spuffyno ) spuffyno : Congratulations. Have fun 2 years ago

Rhonda Waters ( rhonda ) rhonda : Woo hoo you got one!!! :0) 2 years ago

Jeff  Caffoe  ( jeffcaffoe ) jeffcaffoe : congrats 2 years ago

LouisTrapani Posted 2 years ago

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