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Diane Chattaway ( DeeChattaway ) DeeChattaway : Hmm. Next time I eat. I'm going to pay close attention 1 year ago

Shondria Vaughns ( Shondria ) Shondria : Do to all my dental work I chew on my left but I'm right handed lol 1 year ago

Brandan Bryan ( Bizness1st ) Bizness1st : Gotta disagree. I chew on the left for some reason. 1 year ago

Jeff  Caffoe  ( jeffcaffoe ) jeffcaffoe : Agreed 1 year ago

Maya S ( mayas ) mayas : And there u have it folks! Must be true!! Thanx @spuffyno !! 1 year ago

Sarah Farrell ( spuffyno ) spuffyno : Weird! I'm a leftie and I do prefer to chew on the left. 1 year ago

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mayas Posted 1 year ago

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#streetperformer this guy was amazing! Don't remember laughing so hard in a while!