Glad sports cartoonist @drewlitton agrees with the witch hunt mentality  

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Nina Funtak ( funtak ) funtak : baaaaahahaha... good catch :) and totally love this post 1 year ago

Patrick Thiesen ( patrickthiesen ) patrickthiesen : Michael, the have NO new evidence. Their using the same "evidence" US Dept of Justice claimed to have in the dropped cs 2 years ago

Patrick Thiesen ( patrickthiesen ) patrickthiesen : Also, Michael, we have the right to face our "accusers". They are using anonymous written testimony from shady cyclists 2 years ago

Gregg Gusta ( gregggusta ) gregggusta : deploy the cancer shield, it's getting hot!!! Fraudstrong 2 years ago

Eric Thorn ( ericthorn ) ericthorn : lol @ these people wanting someone to prove a negative. Some people simply don't get it. 2 years ago

g a ( adfasd ) adfasd : cancer jeeeeeeeeeeesus nooooooooooooo 2 years ago

Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : @michaeljwilliams Michael, he's proven his innocence again & again. Truly imagine yourself in his place. Enuf is enuf. 2 years ago

Michael Williams ( michaeljwilliams ) michaeljwilliams : Marion jones passed piss tests. I'm talking about blood testing & bio passport data. Let experts examine them. 2 years ago

John Hanson ( johnhanson ) johnhanson : What you want him to prove Mich that he hasn't already, how many piss test does he have to give to satisfy the likes of you, and your ILK
2 years ago

Michael Williams ( michaeljwilliams ) michaeljwilliams : It saddens me too. I was a huge LA fan for many years. He has a chance now to put all doubters wrong but he isn't. Why? 2 years ago

Michael Williams ( michaeljwilliams ) michaeljwilliams : LA doesn't want to prove anything. He wants the investigation stopped. Why do that if you're sure you're innocent? 2 years ago

Dror Amitay ( droramitay ) droramitay : Haha! Your magic is much stronger Lance! Mobli nation is with you!!! 2 years ago

Paul Gardner ( paulgardner ) paulgardner : One does not have to prove one's innocence, one's guilt must be proven by the accusing party. Fairly simple really.
2 years ago

Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : @michaeljwilliams We know Lance & totally trust him. Imagine yourself being innocent & having to prove it, Michael. 2 years ago

Gil Eyal ( gil ) gil : @michaeljwilliams innocent until proven guilty, no? How do you prove you are innocent? 2 years ago

Skippy Mc Carthy ( SkippyMcCarthy ) SkippyMcCarthy : USADA is so busy flushing US Cycling History achievements the toilet that they forget why they were created in 2000 !
Lance , saint or sinner , as i have said repeatedly in Parrabuddy has done more than ride a bike !
World Champ in the early 1990's will 2 years ago

Rick Marshall ( rmarshall100 ) rmarshall100 : UH MIchael... we prove guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt here in this country because we PRESUME innocence. The justice department couldn't do that. How many times does this have to be defended? Evidence?? You mean real physical evidence like from the 5 2 years ago

Berthold Haas ( svjatoslav ) svjatoslav : Really, just get off his back! 2 years ago

Michael Williams ( michaeljwilliams ) michaeljwilliams : Except now they've got evidence & witness testimony. If you're innocent Lance- prove it once & for all. 2 years ago

ImOld Greg ( imoldgreg7 ) imoldgreg7 : I agree, this is like the 1960's McCarthyism, NO PROPER REGARD FOR EVIDENCE!!!! I'm for TEAM LANCE! 2 years ago

lancearmstrong Posted 2 years ago

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