One man down. "Frenchy" broke his leg coming down from Star Pass. Sucks!! 

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Beth Shaner ( ershaner ) ershaner : Nice job CBSAR & CBFPD!! 1 year ago

Gary Tibljas ( garytibljas ) garytibljas : I know that paramedic. Fenchy is in good hands. Good job, Corey! Dad..... 1 year ago

Saundra Sangiuliano ( sangiuliano ) sangiuliano : so sorry, heal fast! 1 year ago

Rob Millar ( RobMillar ) RobMillar : Lance can you post up the GPS route you took? 1 year ago

zella fan✔ ( zendayamaree123 ) zendayamaree123 : Aww that is a shame 1 year ago

YOSh R ( YOSHI ) YOSHI : thats rough 1 year ago

Mario Rivera ( mario1719 ) mario1719 : Wow that's awful man 1 year ago

Melly Garcia ( MellyGarcia ) MellyGarcia : Ouch! 1 year ago

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lancearmstrong Posted 1 year ago

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Never been to a @tool show. Thanks Danny and Rynne for the invite. Converted!!

Check out Art Connolly ! Had the hospital bring him a spin bike during chemo! #ArtSTRONG

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