When I come out on stage... Something scary happens ...  

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Tasha Freycinet ( tashafreycinet ) tashafreycinet : hey Tyrese you look sexy boo😘😘 2 months ago

David Gilbert ( davidgilbert ) davidgilbert 2 months ago

Berto Campo ( bercam ) bercam : Good 2 months ago

Eric Davila ( EricDavilaNY ) EricDavilaNY : ... Excuses sound BEST to the person that's making them up..... 2 months ago

LaShaun Jordan ( LaShaunJordan ) LaShaunJordan : love the way you sing. 2 months ago

Mizi H ( miziH ) miziH : Great!👍 2 months ago

Lynn Jones ( Shaylin1 ) Shaylin1 : Thank u! I'm in great health, I get physicals every year! no sickness up in here, & I really want to help people... 2 months ago

Sheryl Cobb ( sherylcobb ) sherylcobb : Cool as hell!! 3 months ago

Mz Ronnie Superbadd ( veronicacuff ) veronicacuff : I See Why Congrats On Everything You Have Every Accomplished You Are Awesome And Congrats On Your Book #Blessed ♥♥♥ 3 months ago

Dyrce Rocha Gomes ( dyrce ) dyrce : Nice 3 months ago

Quamane Gonzales ( quamane ) quamane : @Tyrese that's what I'm talking about . 3 months ago

shakonda Belvin ( slbdiva01 ) slbdiva01 : I remember that night, I was there and I Loved it! That was the Best Concert I Have ever been to! You showed us alot of Love! Come Back Again!!! I Love All Your Work! & You as a Man/Father! You are a Great Person! 3 months ago

Dawn Milan ( dawnmilan ) dawnmilan : that was good! 3 months ago

Huizar Saldaña ( huizarsaldaa ) huizarsaldaa : ♥ 3 months ago

Matt Bowen ( mattbowen12 ) mattbowen12 : hi 3 months ago

Meagan Ritchie ( BlueberryMuffin ) BlueberryMuffin : Not a big fan of strobe lights i have seizures so I couldn't watch the whole thing… 3 months ago

Riri Fenty ( Gina707 ) Gina707 : i love u so much 3 months ago

Jeffrey Hanoud Jr. ( jeffreyhanoudjr ) jeffreyhanoudjr 3 months ago

Jeffrey Hanoud Jr. ( jeffreyhanoudjr ) jeffreyhanoudjr : thank you fot the video but what scared you when you first came out!? 3 months ago

Lenora Foster ( lenorafoster ) lenorafoster : Thanks tyrese for sharing I can truly say you did your thing on stage! 3 months ago

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Tyrese Posted 1 year ago

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