I went to his trailer called @therock out of his trailer ... This is what happened... #Fast6  

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Lisa Wilson ( lwilso ) lwilso 2 years ago

Kasheria Rainey ( krainey ) krainey : lol 2 years ago

Luz Maria Torres II ( Gordy9695 ) Gordy9695 : Lmao sho ya right... 2 years ago

Tiffany Denby ( denby ) denby : #manupHOMIE! 2 years ago

Domonick Weaver ( dweaver81 ) dweaver81 : see, see, what had happened wuz.... 2 years ago

Sandra Bellamy-Fairwell ( mocha35 ) mocha35 : Looks here sexy u betta leave The Rock alone bfor u be needing too much makeup to cover up those bruises he gone give u 2 years ago

Nadiya Cowans ( yappa666 ) yappa666 : Real Men don't fight...they arm wrestle. LMBO!!! 2 years ago

JaNet McCray ( honey601 ) honey601 : Lmbo, scary ass Dewayne 2 years ago

Donna Thomas ( LadyDeluxe ) LadyDeluxe : It would have been funny if the "Rock" would have came out...lmao 2 years ago

Rekita Nelson ( DANYALLE83 ) DANYALLE83 : Hobbs is gona get you...lmbo...you just wait & see... 2 years ago

Jasmine Jax ( jax945 ) jax945 : Lmao! 2 years ago

tiya house ( summer2012 ) summer2012 : Continue with the fun, keep the fun going and coming this way. It is great when you have great co-workers to work with, chill with and act the fool with at the same time. What a blessing!!! 2 years ago

Raymond Theed ( theed ) theed : Very funny . Good times 2 years ago

Laurie Kit ( LaurieKit ) LaurieKit : Boots2ass!!! 2 years ago

Shyam Mistry ( shyammistry ) shyammistry : well y'all in london so let me kick some ass lol 2 years ago

Rickita Bradford ( rickita ) rickita : Kim 2 years ago

Rosa Medina ( xro5i3x ) xro5i3x : Lol u called him scary ass but wen you saw him cumin out his trailor u ran lol luv ya tyrese n the rock :) 2 years ago

Airamis Pratt ( tahjo7 ) tahjo7 : Living, breathing, experiencing life to the fullest. This clip epitomises enjoying life and being positive.Fun, fun, fun 2 years ago

Chanel Dion ( Chanelsofly ) Chanelsofly : Daddy I love u ur cray :) thank u bae 2 years ago

Loretta Cruz ( lorettacruz ) lorettacruz : Thanks for sharing 2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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