Even in Australia I can honor the upcoming black history month with help of @NIKE #BHM #BEBOLDBETRUE 

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Jose Dilone Vasquez Bautista ( josedilonevasquezbau ) josedilonevasquezbau : Love 1 year ago

Apio Medrado ( apiomedrado ) apiomedrado : Wou!!!! 1 year ago

Francis Jovanny Mejia Ramirez ( francisjovanny ) francisjovanny : Bella la #1 1 year ago

Waappo Verdini ( waappo1 ) waappo1 : u r the best female tennis player ever 1 year ago

Jalon Jackson ( jalonjackson ) jalonjackson : Princess, thank you so very much for the Black History Month victories, mainly reaching #1 in the World again!!!! NOW STAY THERE!!!! We have 10 more grand slams to conquer. I love and respect all that you are and do. I pray for your health and wealth ever 1 year ago

Nad Boyce ( nadboyce ) nadboyce : coconut water is the best drink health wise: it is even better than the other colorful drinks 1 year ago

Sam Ojekwe ( samforserenaforever ) samforserenaforever : i really like that HEAD BAND and the EAR RINGS . yeah ......... really --------- 1 year ago

Mary Ubah ( Niceyspicey ) Niceyspicey : Serena your picture and statement above says it all . This is what you and your big sis venus will go up in history for . " the torch of hope ,success from Compton to the palace 1 year ago

Manida Jones ( manida ) manida : Serena, some people say Venus should retire. I admire her effort. I admire your loyalty. If my sister needed me, I would do whatever possible to support her. 1 year ago

Stephany Murphy ( steff62 ) steff62 : Serena, Its time to get another doubles partner. Venus should retire She caused you to lose in the doubles match yesterday! 1 year ago

Maliksha Meghan ( Milliee ) Milliee : Congrats Serena ! You did a fantastic job ! 1 year ago

Sam Ojekwe-nwaJehovah ( ojekwenwajehovah ) ojekwenwajehovah : yeah ......... 1 year ago

Dawn Stanton ( Delta1721 ) Delta1721 : Stay strong, stay focused, stay prayerful....it's your year to win all four Slams! 1 year ago

Mj O ( oke30 ) oke30 : Who's that girl??? 1 year ago

Danny Santino ( whollee ) whollee : Did I mention I'm a fitness buff and chef. I will sweat in the kitchen forya 1 year ago

Ennovy Nostal ( Chosen14U ) Chosen14U : I LOVE your outfit. The kicks are working. Purple my birthstone, orange for the Dolphins @Serena williams
1 year ago

nadeen boyce ( nadboy ) nadboy : soak your feet and ankles in epsom salts warm water to help lesson the pain 1 year ago

nadeen boyce ( nadboy ) nadboy : love the out-fit love the sneakers 1 year ago

Gaby Carvajal ( gaby7 ) gaby7 : im totally in love with the outfit ♥ COME ON SERENA WILLIAMS! 1 year ago

Devon Libran ( DevonLibran ) DevonLibran : You're wonderful 1 year ago

serenawilliams Posted 1 year ago

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