This is how I started the morning, juicing...honestly I wish I was having a cinnamon roll, ahh, oh well!  

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Edmond Haynes ( edmondhaynes ) edmondhaynes : id go with the juice. learn to deal with the new software. Go on and load up on the apps you can access, now. Autoshare. :) 3 weeks ago

Canon RSs ( canonrss ) canonrss : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 5 months ago

Anthony Brown ( AnthonyBrown ) AnthonyBrown : HELLO SEXY! 1 year ago

Dennis Richards ( dennisrichards ) dennisrichards : May I join in the feast plz 1 year ago

Mr. No  Dayz Off ( promesa ) promesa : Very Nice Sista Venus 1 year ago

Tasie Herman ( Twiggy ) Twiggy : Oh nice!! Thats how I started off my morning today too. :) 1 year ago

Claudio Cacace ( claudiocacace ) claudiocacace : Hey Venus, after watching Joe Cross's movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I went ahead and bought the juicer. Stay w it 1 year ago

Oladotun Alonge ( dotmendor ) dotmendor : lookinf forward to seeing you in the final again 1 year ago

Adrienne Belanger ( adriennebelanger ) adriennebelanger : Breakfast of a Champion!! 1 year ago

Sepherina Allard ( sepherina ) sepherina : I live that plate .... Healthy eating..... Smile 1 year ago

Shaderock Louis ( RockFromUptop ) RockFromUptop : Let me see here,I want this& this. I'll take that and that.. Good job.U R Da Bizbest.ily @VenusWilliams 1 year ago

Malak Yosef ( NoMore9to5 ) NoMore9to5 : Awesome! 1 year ago

Popito Cruz ( popitocruz ) popitocruz : WHAT IS THE PURPLE STUFF? 1 year ago

Shane Terry ( shaneterry ) shaneterry : What is your next tournament? 1 year ago

Andy Piro ( piro8 ) piro8 : Hope you are coming to Georgia this year you're beautiful good luck rest of the season!!! 1 year ago

Johnny TueTimes ( tuetimes ) tuetimes : Long as u look good doin it!
1 year ago

Ivan Balic ( ivanbalic ) ivanbalic : You look good Venus:) Keep juicing and in a month you will have sweet revenge agains Sharapova!!!! 1 year ago

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VenusWilliams Posted 1 year ago

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