Think this will cut it for the shootout 

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Abdul Delaney ( abduldelaney ) abduldelaney : Bankin them ain't you 5 months ago

Lando C ( iLando1 ) iLando1 : You not making the all star team was a crock of SHIT! Keep doing what you're doing and soon you'll get the recognition you deserve bro 1 year ago

Alanna Trammell ( alannat ) alannat : That was awesome 1 year ago

Yaron Talpaz ( ytalpaz ) ytalpaz : Didn't work out as well in the actual competition but 17 is still ok. Still, TNT analysts agreed he is the best 3 point shooter in the NBA 1 year ago

Julian Matthew Roman ( julianmatthew ) julianmatthew : Yes 1 year ago

Yaron Talpaz ( ytalpaz ) ytalpaz : you're right @howardshih... but he did complete it all in 1 minute so he's not too slow 1 year ago

leanord davis ( newworldflow ) newworldflow : he's gonna lose shooting that slow 1 year ago

Howard Shih ( howardshih ) howardshih : Steph took 6 shots at the second station 1 year ago

Moshe Hogeg ( moshe ) moshe : AMAZING!!! 1 year ago

Jason Terry ( jasonterry31 ) jasonterry31 : My money's on you make ya daddy proud #quickdraw 1 year ago

Yaron Talpaz ( ytalpaz ) ytalpaz : Watched it again. 27! Highest score ever in the allstar contest is 25 by both Jason Kapono and Craig Hodges. I know this is just a practice and might be a couple seconds slow, but WOW! 1 year ago

iLoveLiveCraft Etsy ( iLoveLiveCraft ) iLoveLiveCraft : I forgot to mention you're going to have to shoot a little faster then that. 1 year ago

ryan kiebus ( ryanks ) ryanks : amazing !!! 1 year ago

YOSh R ( YOSHI ) YOSHI : Sick 1 year ago

Jake Fandel ( jfan028 ) jfan028 : You got it in the bag this is one of the reasons you should have been an all star 1 year ago

joe Milstein ( joem2 ) joem2 : AMAZING!! 1 year ago

J Mendez ( Jmendez ) Jmendez : Hahaha! I see you Steph! ... Don't break records on em! 1 year ago

Vincent Zacco ( zacco ) zacco : my 2 fav player behind DWADE... 1 year ago

iLoveLiveCraft Etsy ( iLoveLiveCraft ) iLoveLiveCraft : I hope Curry wins because he should've been an AllStar. 1 year ago

Jerome Ventura ( JeromeVentura ) JeromeVentura : been watching you all year and if you are not an all-star (except for Lebron and KD), I don't know who is. 1 year ago

stephencurry30 Posted 1 year ago

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