I got the eye of the TIGER.........Great Crowd and Great Show tonight!!!! Thank you Syracuse 

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April A. ( sunflwr23 ) sunflwr23 : My 9 yr. old daughter burped really loud the other day and then hit herself and said "say it with your chest!" I died. 2 years ago

Jessica Nieves ( jessica123 ) jessica123 : You got the eye of the tiger it looks like you uncle just walked in oh Damn say it with your chest KEVIN :) 2 years ago

Niije Paulin ( juicyjhay ) juicyjhay : Your adoreable. I wonder if Kevin hart responds to his fans! 2 years ago

Slim FoxX ( SlimFoxX ) SlimFoxX : Lml ...u look like your having a Wonderful life 2 years ago

Lashonda Gilchrist ( DivaOfTheTown22 ) DivaOfTheTown22 : i know my town showed up!!!! 2 years ago

Lea Langston ( ImHER87 ) ImHER87 : Love it so cute 2 years ago

dre branch ( dolceboy76 ) dolceboy76 2 years ago

Amber Johnson ( Ammbeeerr ) Ammbeeerr : Lol oh mobli is free awesome. 2 years ago

Kira Seal ( kira429 ) kira429 : So Hott 2 years ago

Rita  B. ( ritab ) ritab : You were hilarious last night on T.I.'s show. Can't wait to see you in "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." 2 years ago

Avi Newmark ( newmark ) newmark : Just saw the preview for your new movie. I'm on that ... Cannot wait. 2 years ago

maryjane Smokes ( maryjanesmokes ) maryjanesmokes : Now that means you are the king of the pack 2 years ago

Kimberly V ( KimberlyVega ) KimberlyVega : Texting while driving?? Lol. 2 years ago

chris fattorusso ( cfattovw ) cfattovw : Funniest dude in the game right now. 2 years ago

schnikia scruggs ( allbywordofmouth ) allbywordofmouth 2 years ago

Rosemary G ( roze4prez ) roze4prez : Lookin white boy wasted!!! 2 years ago

yanira luna ( JerseySunshine ) JerseySunshine : i love you kevin keep doin what u doin. I will see u in may! :D 2 years ago

Towashai Hasty ( Towashai ) Towashai : you look tired that from staying up late......i said it would catch up with you on twitter....Mr. im the only person that should be up....kmsl 2 years ago

Coralia Orozco ( thebosslady ) thebosslady 2 years ago

Eugene Kennedy ( blackROSES ) blackROSES : I'm drunk textin lmao 2 years ago

kevinhart4real Posted 2 years ago

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AMSTERDAM Bitchheesssss

I'm about to knock @thereallailaali ass out......punks jump up to get beat down!!! P.S Help me Baby Jesus