F**k the rumors your hearing it straight from me ....  

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Chele Smith ( chelesmith ) chelesmith : I wish the best on all that you're doing in life. May God continue to bless you. 2 years ago

Violetta Besenreiterin ( joannatairu ) joannatairu : :( ur Albums here in Europ i never see any where to buy ... 2 years ago

Lil'Ice Ganaseb ( lilice ) lilice : I'm your number 1 man in Namibia,do what you do best homie,there are some of us looking up on to you!! 2 years ago

Shai P ( shady32 ) shady32 : Yes tyrese u put your heart on the mic! I never gave up on your music or any of ur talents. God blessing alloveryou! 2 years ago

Joanna Pitsilos ( joannaP01 ) joannaP01 : You are amazing Tyrese, you have my love and support!!
Hugs n Kisses all the way from Australia! :) 2 years ago

Stephanie Porter ( Lilmammabad28 ) Lilmammabad28 : You are truely a blessing to the music industry. May God continue to bless u. You are truely amazing in all your work. 2 years ago

Stephanie Porter ( Lilmammabad28 ) Lilmammabad28 : I support you. I have the album twice; once from target and twice fron your concert in Baton Rouge, La. 2 years ago

ERICA FLETCHER ( CARAMELLOVE4 ) CARAMELLOVE4 : I know that they messed up,over a thousand times, said you wouldn't forgive them,but some how HE changed your mind.Now that your here I just can't let you go you see I got you near baby boy I got to let you know I'll go the extra mile to make you smile an 2 years ago

Olanimas Jackson Sampson ( shetoh ) shetoh : You did it boss. More proving the critics wrong, you actually placed a lot of inspiration in most of our hearts. Thank y 2 years ago

Angela Edwards ( Anjie ) Anjie : im your number one fan from the jump till now..... 2 years ago

Jkee L'or Massif ( jkee7 ) jkee7 : love you 2 years ago

se uz ( seuzz ) seuzz : U a good man! Got ur album 2 years ago

Trevone Oliver ( trevone ) trevone : Were still listening.....keep telling it
2 years ago

Vanetta Brown ( vanetta ) vanetta : I LOVE YOU!!!! Just keep doing what you doing 2 years ago

asse poester ( assepoester196 ) assepoester196 : I support you, i have downloaded your album on my ipod, listen to your album almost evrey day, and i must say that it truly is the best album of your career, its nice to listen to a whole album whitout skipping songs, i play it over and over again all d 2 years ago

Ashley Baylor ( baylor ) baylor : Keep telling it like it is. Someone is listening. 2 years ago

Nicely Naughty ( ScorpiobyTamekia ) ScorpiobyTamekia : #1 baby.!!!!! Daddy's home-u got this shit on lock. Everyday I press play 2 years ago

Kimberly Shannon ( kshan ) kshan : Very Well Said! Congrats Bro & Keep Doing You- Winning! 2 years ago

fyahEmpress Roye ( sevenlove ) sevenlove : Keep doin u ... U r one the best .. Blessings 2 years ago

Dee Williams ( denisewilliams ) denisewilliams : U got my support 2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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Tune in NOW to the Travel Channel right now my show is litarally comkng on right now #Video


We're bowling tonight in a secret location - day dot homies DM me ASAP!!!!!!!! In here with Jacoby, Sonny, and Sir Parker - Fred Lee as we speak!!!!!