Warrior Dash! I survived and finished in 50 minutes! 

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Gray Reed ( Graychive ) Graychive : It's a frickin blast! Hope you have a great time 2 years ago

John H ( Adrenalinejunkie ) Adrenalinejunkie : I'm doing the warrior dash in Michigan in september!! 2 years ago

Gray Reed ( Graychive ) Graychive : Maybe next year, I'm not in shape enough to do tough mudder yet! 2 years ago

A Norinth ( anorinth ) anorinth : warrior dash eh? any plans on doin tough mudder? 2 years ago

John Anderson ( toocowboy4u ) toocowboy4u : I ran in the 12'o clock group! What a blast!! 2 years ago

Graychive Posted 2 years ago

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