The greatest athlete I've ever played with. @drose will be back and stronger then ever.  

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La Gorda Amy Liz De Cooper Murillo ( lagordaamylizdecoope ) lagordaamylizdecoope : Wuoo súper !! 9 months ago

Britney Vargas ( Brit0017 ) Brit0017 : my brother is obssesed with him !! he says this also . all day he just talks about him 24/7 while my other brother is obssesed with lebron !! athletes (brothers) be fighting about whos better ;) 9 months ago

⚡King Flash⚡ ( Fasterandbetter ) Fasterandbetter : He blocked that dunk too 9 months ago

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Scalabrine Posted 9 months ago

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Check out his fav athlete...respect.

Check out my new favorite team. #dubnation!!!

Nice retro picture. I thought you guys might dig it!