Lance Armstrong's Video check in from Kona 

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Eric Reyes ( eric1113 ) eric1113 : Good luck ! 1 year ago

ImOld Greg ( imoldgreg7 ) imoldgreg7 : Hi Lance, YOU r amazing. Thanks 4the video, love 2c u @ work!! 2 years ago

stevey Andy ( fognuts ) fognuts :
2 years ago

Imopictor Dephazz ( imopictor ) imopictor : Honolulu Valey, what a great exotic place. I wish I could fly there one day 2 years ago

Sean Chase ( sonic125 ) sonic125 : U 2 years ago

Sean Chase ( sonic125 ) sonic125 : Good 2 years ago

Isidro Avila ( isidroavila ) isidroavila : have a great time love life live life best wishes 2 years ago

Terrance Jackson ( terrancejackson ) terrancejackson : One of the greatest of all ,times. 2 years ago

Yu Zhixing ( yu128 ) yu128 : Good good luck 2 years ago

Maya S ( mayas ) mayas : Lance u rock! 2 years ago

Sezgin Aydoğdu ( sezgin ) sezgin : Good luck Lance! 2 years ago

Kerri Reed ( kerriamber ) kerriamber : i love you. 2 years ago

Sokol Lulgjuraj ( lulgjuraj ) lulgjuraj : best wishes from Albania Lance 2 years ago

Berthold Haas ( svjatoslav ) svjatoslav : Hey Lance. Your favorite "German neighbor" here. Good luck and Godspeed!!!
2 years ago

Jeff  Caffoe  ( jeffcaffoe ) jeffcaffoe : Good luck
lance 2 years ago

Terez Badger ( tbadger ) tbadger : Good luck lance! 2 years ago

Vic Ghazarian ( vic87 ) vic87 : I wish I was there. 2 years ago

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lancearmstrong Posted 2 years ago

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Fun ride today with @wienr and the crew from @LTRaceSeries. Dave crushed me on our way up Columbine. Thx to Josh and crew as well.

Great day with the kids @wearewapiyapi. @annahansen and I are proud to support this great organization!

Hard to beat summertime rides in the Rockies.