Christoph Waltz & Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained. Photo: Andrew Cooper 

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bathsaiah knight ( bathsaiah ) bathsaiah : I didn't see the end of this movie
1 month ago

Hannah Jackson ( hannahJ1996 ) hannahJ1996 : Leo, please follow me on twitter I've been trying for months I'm about to give up....



(I'm going to post this on all of your photos) 10 months ago

pmw fotos ( pmwfotos ) pmwfotos : Can't wait to watch the wolf on Wall Street xo 1 year ago

Pol-ewen Mouraud ( polewen ) polewen : a great film, i see it 4 times in 1 week aha 1 year ago

Byebye Byebye ( byebyebyebye ) byebyebyebye : Just watched Django, it took a while to get to it. I thought I would hate your character but I didn't. I loathed Samuel Jackson's though. @Leonardo 1 year ago

Elsa Ochun ( ochun ) ochun : I liked this movie, even though you're here to be the antagonist, and must die but this movie makes me miss my dad who has long passed away, he loved cowboy movies :) 1 year ago

Dood Lette ( doodlette ) doodlette : beautiful film, appreciate your effects- thanks for the entertainment. 1 year ago

lisa runnels ( amhurst ) amhurst : PHOTO WITH BROWN JACKET WITH FANCY PIPE------- SMOKING ---BEST POSTER TYPE PHOTO FOR CANDIE------ 1 year ago

pmw fotos ( pmwfotos ) pmwfotos : Landslide - Touched by an angel #fleetwoodmac my fav movies Romeo n Juliet Titanic The Beach Inception Shutter island 1 year ago

Zara Zara ( Taylorcccc ) Taylorcccc : Leo we need your help to save elephants, leopards and please help them have very little 2 years ago

ana davis ( babynissa ) babynissa 2 years ago

Andres Castano ( dresife ) dresife : In the grand tetons 2 years ago

Ayslinn Ashbury ( aashbury ) aashbury : Hope all is well.
2 years ago

Hadas Lazar ( hadaslazar ) hadaslazar :
2 years ago

meagan demarest ( hlywdrisingstar ) hlywdrisingstar : So excited!! 2 years ago

Lexsi Lewis ( LexsiLewis ) LexsiLewis : Can't wait!! 2 years ago

Alisha Kavanagh ( alishakav ) alishakav : I can't wait leo! Please come to Ireland :( I love you 2 years ago

Ayslinn Ashbury ( aashbury ) aashbury : Hope all is well with you. 2 years ago

mr crabs the second ( gogreengirl ) gogreengirl : Can't for this movie!! It's going to be great 2 years ago

cvetana dimitrova ( cvetana ) cvetana : Great picture 2 years ago

Leonardo Posted 2 years ago

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#thewolfofwallstreet in theaters tomorrow!

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