This stuff is starting to look Greek @_@ .... #sleepy  

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Daby Carreras ( DABYnyc ) DABYnyc : No problem 1 year ago

Miss Tasha ( miztasha1 ) miztasha1 : But I know to buzz you whenever I do get stumped in the future @DABYnyc :) 1 year ago

Miss Tasha ( miztasha1 ) miztasha1 : Yeah I's really easy and I NEVER thought I would say that...I figure it out on my own so I don't have to read 1 year ago

Daby Carreras ( DABYnyc ) DABYnyc : Use synthetic division to find out which ones are factors; FYI I do this type of math everyday at work 1 year ago

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miztasha1 Posted 1 year ago

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I'm tired....I never get to sleep on my days off smh :(

There she goes again... #HeyLola

Natural life.... #Month6 #justme #nofilter