Somebody brought it to work today. Handmade. I love MY COUNTRY. HAPPY 4th of July!!! 

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Carmen Harko   ( CarmenH ) CarmenH : Happy 4th @samweller :)) 2 years ago

JMina  Tani ( GJazmina ) GJazmina : I guess I wouldn't be here if he hadn't fought a war and wouldn't have met my great grandma! ;) 2 years ago

JMina  Tani ( GJazmina ) GJazmina : Happy 4th, Sam! My great grandpa is a first world war veteran! He's from Canada but served as American soldier then! So, 2 years ago

Sam Weller ( samweller ) samweller : Happy Independence Day, Dear Mobli! 2 years ago

Sanko Yannarotama ( yannarotama ) yannarotama : Happy independence day 2 years ago

YOSh R ( YOSHI ) YOSHI : Happy 4th @samweller 2 years ago

Wulan Triana ( wulan ) wulan : Happy independence Day .. 2 years ago

Jeremie Boyer ( jeremieboyer ) jeremieboyer : Happy Independence Day 2 years ago

Maya S ( mayas ) mayas : Sam you work! Just kidding! Happy fourth! 2 years ago

Liad Kashanovsky ( skilldeal ) skilldeal : Happy pre day of 4 of July, 10x god 4 America :-) 2 years ago

samweller Posted 2 years ago

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