You might wanna see this.... I'm building a resturant in my backyard....  

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Natasha Brown ( Taijh30350 ) Taijh30350 : Make sure I'm invited :) 2 years ago

D'Mar831 DMarTheAlternative ( DMar831 ) DMar831 : Bless your brother , Truly.
Such a motivator . 2 years ago

Natasha Cain ( natashasaved ) natashasaved : Nice ;) 2 years ago

Tchicajurzygirl  A. ( teecheeks ) teecheeks : Lol good luck with (Gibsiana) if that's the correct spelling wish I was there for the grand opening!! Lol 2 years ago

Nimrod Dave.  ( vopa7 ) vopa7 : Nice nice... 2 years ago

Latoyya Graham-Zeno ( latoyya ) latoyya : Well make sure I get an invitation for me and my fam its just 4 lol 2 years ago

Curtis  Lopes ( Tr3TheTruth ) Tr3TheTruth : This is a great inspiration to see someone go from nothing to something! 2 years ago

Rosey Dee ( rosey20 ) rosey20 : ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ great job 2 years ago

derek brown ( carolinabrown69 ) carolinabrown69 2 years ago

Roneka Poolidore ( roneka2012 ) roneka2012 : That's what's up. So, are you going to be throwing down in the kitchen? Congradulation. Work hard play hard... 2 years ago

Ronnie Lynn ( Roxy247 ) Roxy247 : Can i come over for dinner, im hungry waitin in this line @ Essence for autograph. Lol 2 years ago

Adonis De'Veritas ( popeyeputuinpynepain ) popeyeputuinpynepain : now thats was up homie i'm tryin 2 get like u big brah ! 2 years ago

J I ( dvinepinay ) dvinepinay : Work hard play hard! Love it..! 2 years ago

Sassy Slimm ( keshaholmes ) keshaholmes : I see you Ty.... Doing big thangs!!!! Love it : ) 2 years ago

Melissa Sawyer ( mindoasis ) mindoasis : So will you invite your fans over sometime? 2 years ago

Pamela Harding ( PamelaDH ) PamelaDH : You have a lovely home! The resteraunt is an awesome idea! Like you hard, play hard! 2 years ago

Carmen Handy ( carmenhandy ) carmenhandy : I love it!!!! Can't wait to c it!!!! 2 years ago

meMebaE b ( sojourner ) sojourner : Ok, I need the address. ;) 2 years ago

Stephanie  dillon ( stepd67 ) stepd67 : Surprise me with an invite email . Love U Tyrese can't wait to hear TGT 2 years ago

Troy Mack ( troymack ) troymack : Well that is a good Ideal, but what about trash in the Alleys or Um rats, cats and Dogs will taht be a Problem for the sate of ca to inspect the united built restrnt.
2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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