Look at all these people who got on a #FUELSERENA streak with me. Love all your support, couldn't have done this alone! 

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Isha Fatty Njie ( isha8 ) isha8 : Without the support of my family 2 years ago

Mitchell Thompson ( mitchellthompson ) mitchellthompson : Hello how are u 2 years ago

ray jackson ( certifiedboss8902 ) certifiedboss8902 : Put us on the map sis go team USA...... Love this crazy and retarded country 2 years ago

raymond m ( ILFST ) ILFST : it would mean a lot to him. thanks from Jaydon aka Biggie Bear. 2 years ago

raymond m ( ILFST ) ILFST : i dunno if u read these or not but if so can u send a message saying 'hello Jaydon' hes 4yrs old and loves u. it would 2 years ago

Blue Skies ( bluex ) bluex : Serena Williams I love you so hard dream of you every night, support you forever, you are 1 and only. 2 years ago

serenawilliams Posted 2 years ago

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