Hi Im Shane... 

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Sharon D ( saartjie ) saartjie : I never made my video way back then. But I will soon 2 years ago

Tom Rapano ( tomrap13 ) tomrap13 : Awesome! 2 years ago

Gil Eyal ( gil ) gil : I LOVE it! 3 years ago

Diane Chattaway ( DeeChattaway ) DeeChattaway : hahah THIS was awesome!!! Love and hugs Shane!!! 3 years ago

Be A  Light In The Heart  ( LMZBird ) LMZBird : LMAO!!!! So funny Shane! Love it! 3 years ago

Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : Busby? I wrote "brilliant" and it somehow became "busby"!! Well then, busby it is! Busby for President! 3 years ago

Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : Oops, it also affects the Right Brained who may not always keep comments within their bounds. It is, thank god, incurable, indispensable, incomprehensible, and undeniably phucking phenomenal! Sincerely, Dr. Tracy-Haas...PHD Life Expert 3 years ago

Emily  Tracy-Haas ( jakoway ) jakoway : Mobli'lism is a rare, as yet untreatable disease. It affects the creative, the busby, the big hearted 3 years ago

Rob Niven ( rfniven ) rfniven : Shane this is my you are King mobli! My addiction is mainly attributed to my desire to try and be creative but most importantly because of the most AMAZING people that reside on here. The best humans on Earth are on mobli 3 years ago

Jeff  Caffoe  ( jeffcaffoe ) jeffcaffoe : Shane,
Wow man I'm so deeply impressed that you had the courage to admit your faults. Myself included I can say that everyone is here for you so stay focused and to keep MOBLI-ING!
 3 years ago

Rod  Fear No fishing  ( FearNoFishing ) FearNoFishing : Ha ha ha...!!! Right on Shane..!!! 3 years ago

shameheadboy Posted 3 years ago

This is media comment on

I'm Gil, and I'm a mobliholic


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hi I'm broadcasting #Live now!