Who wants to join me for dinner? 

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Renee Gamache ( gamache ) gamache : Me 2 years ago

Jeremie Boyer ( jeremieboyer ) jeremieboyer : Sure, as long as we aren't the dinner. 2 years ago

Byebye Byebye ( byebyebyebye ) byebyebyebye : I'm in 2 years ago

Lynita Norman ( lynita ) lynita : It Don't Get No Better For a True Seafood Lover Like Myself!!! 2 years ago

Sandra Bellamy-Fairwell ( mocha35 ) mocha35 : Lol!! Exactly @roccoinklover 2 years ago

Diane Chattaway ( DeeChattaway ) DeeChattaway : Me!!!!!!' that place looks awesome. I wanna sit in an under water room. 2 years ago

Steven Moore  ( roccoinklover ) roccoinklover : They cod feed you sand and you wouldn't know 2 years ago

Sandra Bellamy-Fairwell ( mocha35 ) mocha35 : Wow! How can u enjoy dinner from trying to view and enjoy the scenery. Amazing! 2 years ago

Incris Lopez ( hellokittywrior ) hellokittywrior : Omg I was gonna post this on your other pic of the chairs and water lol! I wan to go there! 2 years ago

Kelifas Lopez ( SilentLopez ) SilentLopez : I do!!!! That looks amazing!! 2 years ago

S K I P N A V A ( Skipnava ) Skipnava : @jzaloha ~ Its in Ithaa, Rangali Finolhu, The Maldives. Its under the Indian Ocean 2 years ago

Jana C ( jzaloha ) jzaloha : That's awesome! Where is this? 2 years ago

Skipnava Posted 2 years ago

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