Behind The Scenes. Production. Paul Schrader (Malibu Sunset). THE CANYONS. 

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Jea 2 years ago

I  Need $$$&❤❤❤ ( jizzlegucci ) jizzlegucci : Beautiful... I ❤ Malibu... Y'all should do ah scene @ Zuma Beach... If y'all need some Extra's I'm here I'm ready... 2 years ago

Leslie Ar ( lalaloveslulu ) lalaloveslulu : Beautiful! 2 years ago

Michele Navarrete Sullivan ( navarretesullivan ) navarretesullivan : What a beautiful shot! I can only imagine how incredible the film will look once it is finished. Looking forward to it! 2 years ago

Diane Chattaway ( DeeChattaway ) DeeChattaway : Love the oranges and reds. Such a vividly perfect sunset 2 years ago

TheCanyonsFilm Posted 2 years ago

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