The Sumatran Tiger - only 400 left.  

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Icaro Barros  ( icarobarros ) icarobarros : Nice pic! 1 year ago

Brunette Girl ( Tannya1979 ) Tannya1979 : Love ALL these amazing and beautiful images...but it's sad that not everyone cares the same way about our mother earth...
nevermind, we'll keep up the good work, right Leo? :D keep going! 2 years ago

Nelvis Taveras ( nelvislt ) nelvislt : Una verdadera belleza de la Naturaleza.. Cuidemos mas 2 years ago

Dre B ( illuminate ) illuminate : Beautiful Creature 2 years ago

Farah Melendez ( farahmelendez ) farahmelendez : Favorite animal EVER! 2 years ago

Joseph Fischer ( jofischer1 ) jofischer1 : WOW. What a great photo 2 years ago

Sandra Musaj-Schulze ( SandraMusaj ) SandraMusaj : There my money takes a bath. *haha* 3 years ago

misuzu asanuma ( misuzu418 ) misuzu418 : I hope to save their beautiful things! 3 years ago

Juliana Diniz ( Juliana ) Juliana : Let's Help Protect Tigers from Illegal Trade.Sign up for the WWF Conservation Action Network.Send Message to President Obama.Take action here: 3 years ago

Szilvia Szabo ( SzilviaSzabo ) SzilviaSzabo : I hope we can save this beautiful animal for the future, it's his planet also! 3 years ago

Neil Reinecke ( nreinecke ) nreinecke : Without meat eaters the land would be without plants for humans to enjoy! 3 years ago

Cristiane Arakaki Uchida ( Cristiane ) Cristiane : I love so much 3 years ago


maria  fosnaugh ( mariakay ) mariakay : i love these tiges the are just so beautiful 3 years ago

Mary J 0604 ( MaryJ0604 ) MaryJ0604 : Beautiful beyond words.
3 years ago

Violeta Petrova ( vapetrova ) vapetrova : The WWF has the best pictures, and I always get their calendars for presents. 3 years ago

Violeta Petrova ( vapetrova ) vapetrova : Amazing animal! Can't believe that homo sapiens is considered the stronger species. 3 years ago

jalila jalila ( jalila ) jalila : @skyegiese replace an animal by another one is too easy... If you really love Tigers fight for them. As I use to say we never Know ...If then they left, you will have no regrets. NON RIEN DE RIEN, NON JE NE REGRETTE RIEN (courtesy Edith Piaf)...:-) 3 years ago

Skye Giese ( SkyeGiese ) SkyeGiese : Tigers are one of my top 5 favorite animals, and unfortunately, since there are only 600 left... I will probably have to find another new top 5 favorite animal... Won't I? 3 years ago

Ella .. ( EllaM ) EllaM : i love it!!!!
3 years ago

theLDF Posted 3 years ago

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