Yellowfin Tuna auction at Tsukiji Fish Market - largest wholesale fish market in the world.  

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Laura Gonzalez ( lauragonzalez ) lauragonzalez : esta carisimo en Jalisco México el kilo 2 years ago

Leslie Ar ( lalaloveslulu ) lalaloveslulu : They are definitely over fishing!! 2 years ago

Be A  Light In The Heart  ( LMZBird ) LMZBird : Wow! That is a lot!! So sad to see creatures in this way! :( 2 years ago

HRH Queen Artiscia ( Artiscia ) Artiscia : We need farms to breed fish so the ratio of food vs supply concern can be lessened or eliminated. 2 years ago

Samantha Law ( samanthalaw ) samanthalaw : There are many destructive fishing practices that are clearing the oceans at an alarming rate. So much waste. 2 years ago

theLDF Posted 2 years ago

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