Nice piece by Andy Revkin at NY Times about our coffee project - 

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J Dizzle ( Thrasher ) Thrasher : This coffee is delicioso! I have it! 1 year ago

Yulia K. ( Yulia ) Yulia : Jason Mattera also has his nice piece, Mr.DiCaprio. 2 years ago

cvetana dimitrova ( cvetana ) cvetana : This is great Leo !!! :) You are great !!! 2 years ago

Sandra Tiedemann ( SandraTiedemann ) SandraTiedemann : Respect Leo, it's a fantastic project. Love what you are doing and the LDFs work. Go on tiger... 2 years ago

Elisa Martínez ( Elisa ) Elisa : This is a good idea and I think you have a great project in the hands that will benefit the industry of coffe and thousands of people working in the field too. well-done. 2 years ago

Leslie Ar ( lalaloveslulu ) lalaloveslulu : Great work! great idea! 2 years ago

Ailbhe  Quann-Dowling ( Ailbheqd ) Ailbheqd : What a really great idea. I really admire what this company is doing. Haiti looks so beautiful in that video too. Wow. 2 years ago

theLDF Posted 2 years ago

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