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Marilyn Lozada ( Mlozada6510 ) Mlozada6510 : That was great. You are so blessed. Continue doing what you do.. 1 year ago

 Tiffany Buchanan  ( tiffany1021 ) tiffany1021 : I love that you value your fans. It is refreshing! Thank you! 1 year ago

Stephanie Wanza ( StephanieWanza ) StephanieWanza : Awesome words and adviice be blessed1 1 year ago

Happy M ( happynice ) happynice : Woow Thank you Tyrese
This is so helpful,some changes have to be made.u r really a blessing.stay blessed and I❤U 1 year ago

Christiana Jno-Baptiste ( jnobaptiste ) jnobaptiste : "perception"! 1 year ago

Sondra Brown ( Sondra ) Sondra : this is some real stuff, thank you I really needed to hear that. these voicevers have helped me with looking at my life, checking myself and getting it right . Thanks! 1 year ago

Brad Guinn ( bradguinn ) bradguinn : Good shit 1 year ago

Andre Simon ( andresimon ) andresimon : Hit me chest...well said 1 year ago

Donna Thomas ( LadyDeluxe ) LadyDeluxe : Love it Ty .... Thanx for being obligated to us means a lot 1 year ago

Nadia Holmes ( nadiaholmes ) nadiaholmes : Very inspiring thank you 1 year ago

" Dre " L. ( andrelewis ) andrelewis : REAL " ISH " Bruh! 1 year ago

Jen Saunders ( jen77 ) jen77 : Yasss! #chuuch I love this Tyrese! 1 year ago

Kate Warren ( beautflkk05 ) beautflkk05 : Thank you Ty. I needed to hear that today. I appreciate your openness. It is refreshing. Be blessed. 1 year ago

Nai Love ( nai65 ) nai65 : I love it! Ur such a blessing to so many people.. well spoken.. 1 year ago

Holliss Snorton ( HollissSnorton ) HollissSnorton : Enjoyed this very much! - Better perception..yes!! Was instilled with this since was younger. 1 year ago

verika hall ( Sweetie74 ) Sweetie74 : Keep doing what ya doing...xoxoxo 1 year ago

Krissie Love ( krissie ) krissie : i love this. Thank you Tyrese 1 year ago

Noehmi Stanton ( Stanton82110 ) Stanton82110 : That is just what I needed to hear...it has me thinking...Real Talk 1 year ago

Keisha Owens ( Ladykmo38 ) Ladykmo38 : Words needed....giving at a perfect time..Thanks 1 year ago


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Tyrese Posted 1 year ago

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