Slapping the SHIT out of Tyrese  

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Ako kurdish (ᏦᏬᏒᎴᏂᏋᏒᎧ) ( ako27 ) ako27 : hhhhhhhh 1 year ago

Will Nance ( willnance ) willnance : Slap that slick mouth saliva out his mouth so he can talk right ROTFL... 1 year ago

MicheLe ReNe ( MicheLeRene ) MicheLeRene : WHAAAAAAT!!!!!! MOVIES-RITE~ BETTER*B!! 1 year ago

Aj White ( realauto ) realauto : Can't wait for the movie!! Saw a pic today wit Dom in the Charger. They changed the color to burgundy? 1 year ago

Emmett Morst ( morst ) morst : 2 funny........fake but 2 funny..cant wait to see the movie! 1 year ago

Dondy Booker ( dondy ) dondy : ha ha thats what tyrese get for messing with the rock 1 year ago

Violeta Anca ( violetaanca ) violetaanca :
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Lucy581 . ( Lucy581 ) Lucy581 : Lol 2 years ago

Jayne Farrelly ( jaynefarrelly ) jaynefarrelly : Go there rock!!! Actors!!! Lol 2 years ago

Joseph Lemp ( lemp8 ) lemp8 : Fake not real at all! But still funny! Jabroni candy ass!!
2 years ago

Vicky Blaze ( vickyblaze ) vickyblaze : That's #TeamBringIt for ya!! 2 years ago

Theodore Greenberg ( greenberg1980 ) greenberg1980 : That was so great that I peaded in my pants because it was so funny 2 years ago

Alice  M. ( delrosaone ) delrosaone : That would be something if it was a real slap, but then again I'm glad it wasn't.....LOL.....but good job
2 years ago

Giselle Moore ( gisellemoore ) gisellemoore : I really dnt like ppl tryin my boo Ty like dat but it was a little funny! Some friend ludachris is jus recording lol 2 years ago

Adam Mccann ( adammccann ) adammccann : lay the smack it down... B2A.. TEAM BRING IT 2 years ago

Brad Gravely ( bstreetballer ) bstreetballer : Can't wait to see. 2 years ago

Sta Marie ( JurneesLuv ) JurneesLuv : You guys Play too 2 years ago

Jessica Nieves ( jessica123 ) jessica123 : I don't think that was reAl ......I hope not Wow !!! 2 years ago

Luz Maria Torres II ( Gordy9695 ) Gordy9695 : DAMN!!!!!!! Hahahahhaaaaahaha 2 years ago

Promise Jones-El ( mise24 ) mise24 : Hey mr dawane Johnson dnt put ur hands on Tyrese no matter how much ish he talk lol luda gone run u shoulda had his back 2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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