WTF..? #MovieMagicF6 New actor Joe Taslum just performed a asian ritual on me.. Did he hex me.?? WTF?  

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Rina Hatinah ( hatinah ) hatinah : hahaha..good job @joe_taslim #theRaidActor....There is no such an Indonesian greeting like that, dear Tyrese...And Sorry about missRecognizing you. Joe you're the best..:)) 1 year ago

Frank Addai Recordings ( addairecordings ) addairecordings : That got me laughing this morning. Great acting man! AndFor the record, who God bless no man can curse! 1 year ago

David Gilbert ( davidgilbert ) davidgilbert : Tyrese that was 1 of your best pic I've ever seen the other 1 is the African who couldn't speakbut understood you 1 year ago

Grustle  Young ( GCode ) GCode : your one hell of actor ty 1 year ago

Drea Lady ( drealady ) drealady : FLATLINE!!!! Frickin hilarious. 1 year ago

Shawanda Overton ( AlphaQueen30 ) AlphaQueen30 : Hilarious, I saw The Raid he was a Beast... 2 years ago

David Gilbert ( davidgilbert ) davidgilbert : Lol that is 1 hilarious scene you are a very funny dude I know that 2 be true when I called my father daddy you remember 2 years ago

Quality Virgin-Hair ( virginhair ) virginhair : Very Funny 2 years ago

 Tiffany Buchanan  ( tiffany1021 ) tiffany1021 : I love it that you keeps it 100! Lmfo! 2 years ago

Solomon Mceaddy ( mceaddy ) mceaddy : Lol 2 years ago

Edo Jkay ( mobliedo ) mobliedo : @2:45 Tyrese got scared! fantastic ahahahahaha ahahah ahahha 2 years ago

E Groomes ( NolaGirl81 ) NolaGirl81 : I don't get down with no rituals! That mess can be the devil! 2 years ago

julia puente ( Julia011310 ) Julia011310 : Hilarious :-) 2 years ago

Pamela Harding ( PamelaDH ) PamelaDH : Haaaaa...3 look better than him...lmfao 2 years ago

Red Rose ( redrose0117 ) redrose0117 : funny 2 years ago

Demarcus Darden ( demarcusdarden ) demarcusdarden : That was funny and u don't look nothing like Tyson B. 2 years ago

Melissa Hutson ( melee2 ) melee2 : Phahahaha love it 2 years ago

shari cole ( sharisplace ) sharisplace : Too funny! 2 years ago

GiGi Sweet ( sweetgapine ) sweetgapine : Taslim 2 years ago

Terri Drummer ( chavonelli ) chavonelli : u too real like im not about to let some dude beat my ass...fuck outta my boy starnes put me up on this mobli. 2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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