#VoiceOverDiaries#6 ... After you hear it please RT.. If u make it to the end tweet #Rest 

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Kenny D ( wisdomvisonwolf ) wisdomvisonwolf : Rest 1 week ago

Christopher Parker ( Christopher77 ) Christopher77 : rest 8 months ago

caroline rose robinson ( mermaidstears ) mermaidstears : Thank you, i so needed to hear this right now, God spoke to me through you, God bless you Tyrese and may God continue to work through you. Love, Caroline 8 months ago

Annabelle Williams ( williamsannabelle ) williamsannabelle : REST 8 months ago

Cytrus O'connor ( cytrusoconnor ) cytrusoconnor : Amen. 8 months ago

Jason Fogbel ( jasonfogbel ) jasonfogbel : OMG this just opened my eyes because if we are dead we can't take all our material things with us. 8 months ago

Mildred Tiger-Johnson ( mildredtigerjohnson ) mildredtigerjohnson : #Rest
8 months ago

Sebastian Ciesielski ( SCVirus ) SCVirus : ;) 8 months ago

Leticia Charo ( leticiacharo ) leticiacharo : Speaks to me in many levels, Only God has given u the words of knowledge in order to confirm what was already in my heart.....Thank U , Thank U Ty!!!!!! 8 months ago


Jenny Smith ( jennysmith1 ) jennysmith1 : i never thought a guy like u could be so down to earth.wow praise god all the way jesus loves u we love u
8 months ago

Jaquenta Jackie ( JaquentaJackie ) JaquentaJackie : Preach Brother Tyrese! Obeying your calling does not always lead to a pulpit. May those that hear find wisdom and understanding. 8 months ago

Liz Goggins ( lizgoggins ) lizgoggins : Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :) 8 months ago

Andrea Taylor-Britt ( andreataylorbritt ) andreataylorbritt : thanks for sharing!
8 months ago

Marlen No ( marlenno ) marlenno : get rid of the people who make you feel this way ..seek G-d and remember at the end all we take with us is our good deeds ,Not money ,Not fame ,Not our looks but what we did that was good . 8 months ago

Marlen No ( marlenno ) marlenno : I agree with with ...Yoga and happiness ..
8 months ago

Andrea Mitchell ( mitchellandrea ) mitchellandrea : #Rest 8 months ago

Claudia Smith ( claudiasmith1 ) claudiasmith1 : rest
8 months ago

Luigi Napolitano ( luiginapolitano ) luiginapolitano : Rest 8 months ago

Elaisa Elaisa ( elaisaelaisa ) elaisaelaisa : Rest Tyrese 1Love<3 8 months ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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