LA ... This is important ... @LeonTimbo is about to smash th city tomorrow ...  

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Rekita Nelson ( DANYALLE83 ) DANYALLE83 : This dude...I want the CD...he can sing to me all day & all night...#MyMy... 2 years ago

Anjie Simone ( AnjieSimone ) AnjieSimone : Leon Timbo is the truth! The song "The Other side" pure artistry by the both. That song goessssss....... 2 years ago

Sally Wilson  ( gazell ) gazell : I love Leon Timbo voice! 2 years ago

John-Paul Moore ( jpdesignsart ) jpdesignsart : DOPE!! Timbo is the man! 2 years ago

Tyrese Posted 2 years ago

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Tune in NOW to the Travel Channel right now my show is litarally comkng on right now #Video


We're bowling tonight in a secret location - day dot homies DM me ASAP!!!!!!!! In here with Jacoby, Sonny, and Sir Parker - Fred Lee as we speak!!!!!