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Hi I'm mark from the UK, young and extremely business orientated (i know - boring lol) but don't worry I know how to have good laugh too. Love Mobli, simple, specific and to the point just like me.... So, about me? Well I'm 28, a graduate, living in the Holy Land - LONDON!! Strangely there are people who think London is the Capital city of Europe looool, just to clarify its ENGLAND! After 6 years working for a promo and fashion forecasting company I and very close working colleague decided to go solo and we set up a business in the UK specializing in Womens Celebrity clothing, thats right the top end High Street Fashion. What we do different is we 'guarantee' amazingly discounted prices opposed to others. If ever we could understand the nature of competition and by definition the term DISCOUNT then look in the dictionary and the answer you will get is SASfashion!! hehe Currently we have 2 retail stores on high streets in London and some years ago we established ourselves online on eBay. You can google sasfashion if you want to see our online store. The eBay venture never took off due to lack of time and basically really being tied down but since the start of 2010 we are now fully engaged in adding loads of great fashion styles and really pushing SASfashion forward to drive the competition. Now that we are a little more e-commerce savvy our next stop is an independent website....so look out SASfashion might just go VIRAL!!! (with your help of course) :) Other than that....Mark is a simple man, simple look on life, simpler then simple itself but with huge ambitions....love u guys at mobli....keep up the good work!!

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Snowflake Nordic knitted leggings by Mark Rogan (sasfashion)

Snowflake Nordic knitted leggings


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